your shoe. your story.
Sneakers are everyday objects and yet at the same time an expression of our personal attitude to life. Shoes are literally our daily companions and reflect our personality and lifestyle. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Where do I belong? Buying a sneaker means choosing to express your own lifestyle these days. Therefore, selling a shoe is more about telling a story that fits the individual personality of the customer.
The installation 'Your shoe. Your story.' places the shoes in a new context and thus offers an extraordinary decision-making tool when buying new favourite shoes. The concept can be implemented in flagship stores, trade fairs and at PR events
The white colour of the shoe and the backdrop allows a projection mapping which can be changed by the costumer by scanning one of the presented objects.
Team: Niklas Dostal, Güney Güner, Corinna Kornherr, Marie Kunzmann, Nicolas Saavedra Rueda, Maximilian Thum, Markus Weber
Own Role: Concept, Projection Mapping, Content Production & Management
Made with Max/MSP, Resolume Arena, Adobe After Effects

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