100 Jahre Silit - Ein Jubiläumsfeuerwerk.
The topic of the bachelor thesis was the development of a brand experience for the 100th anniversary of the german cookware brand Silit. This was implemented through an audiovisual, interactive installation concept. The installation uses abstraction to show the everyday, redundant cooking experience in a new, artistically experimental context.
The interaction takes place by lifting the pot lids. For each pot, lifting the lid triggers an auditory reaction as well as a visual reaction in matching colours. The combination of the individual components creates an anniversary firework on the projection screen.
Marie Kunzmann 100 Jahre Silit
Marie Kunzmann 100 Jahre Silit
Within the installation, a counter with four coloured Silit pots is set up in front of a projection surface. This makes the setup as space-independent as possible and can be shown at trade fairs, events or at the point of sale.
100 Jahre Silit Installation Setup
Marie Kunzmann 100 Jahre Silit Titelbild
The concept of the media project was developed for the trade fair stand of the WMF Group GmbH at the consumer goods fair "Ambiente" in Frankfurt (7.-11.02.2020) with a visual adaptation to the Silit anniversary campaign.
Concept & production: Marie Kunzmann
Technical & Casefilm Support: Alexander IaszenszkyPatrick Rosen, Pascal Santaella
Casefilm Narrator: Hannah Hantschel
'Ambiente' Frankfurt:
Technical setup: PRG Stuttgart
Visuals: Werbeagentur Eberle
Photos fair booth: Jan Manheimer

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